Main Features

  • Blazing speed and connection density courtesy libevent
  • memcached provisioning for massive scalability
  • Totally asynchronous DNS resolver
  • Instant addition of new gateways, PBXs and DIDs
  • Routing rules support multiple time intervals
  • CDRs and per PBX channel limits


We were disappointed by other open source SIP servers especially the:
  • Unwarranted configuration complexity
  • "Apply changes to server" delays
  • Poor DNS resolver design choices
  • We just needed a very fast sip proxy with only a few SBC features
  • Support expensive and slow
  • Only the original engineers understand their server code mess

Free Install

For a limited time qualified applicants can request a free sipMonster server system install.

Commercial 24x7 support contracts are available. Contact:
support @
corporate @
+1 630 206 9449